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Unpacking the ups and downs of a uniquely chaotic night in New York sports



It was the best kind of problem, the kind of quandary we aren’t faced with enough. It was a rare occasion when representatives of New York’s four major sports were forced to share the spotlight, a quasi-equinox that split focus among events that warrant undivided attention.

As the most promising Knicks team in 24 years tried to stomp out the 76ers and the Islanders tried to save their season — and the Yankees tried to remain in first place — the Jets and Giants tried to find hope in their respective top 10 draft picks.

It was a carousel of emotions, bouncing from one extreme to the next in the span of seconds, circling back again and again. It offered multi-screen viewers a better seat than anyone in Philadelphia, Elmont, Detroit or The Bronx.

It went by in a blur, this exhilarating and exhausting amalgamation of stress and joy and angst, crammed into a window lasting a little more than three hours. It was almost too much to fully absorb in real time.

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