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How unpredictability has become a weapon for Yankees’ Nestor Cortes and Marcus Stroman



In a sport steeped in routine and timing, Nestor Cortes and Marcus Stroman are doing their best to disrupt it for the batters they face.

The Yankees rotation mates go about it in different ways, but both have mastered the art of hesitation and deception in their deliveries. Cortes is usually more extreme — including using a pump-fake against the Guardians earlier this month that MLB has since declared illegal — while Stroman is more subtle and rooted in his body control.

Their goal, though, is similar.

“Hitters are most likely used to just stepping in the box, doing their routine and then the pitcher doing the same,” Stroman told Sports+ during spring training. “So anytime you can f–k that up, I think it helps.”

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