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Tyrone Tracy Jr. NFL Draft 2024: Scouting Report for New York Giants RB



James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

— Shows good burst when attacking on downhill runs, such as power.

— Above-average balance. Does well to keep his legs churning through contact and lean forward.

— Good hip flexibility and overall body control. Can make sharp turns and redirect smoothly.

— Starting kick returner in 2023, returned one for a 98-yard touchdown.

— Below-average vision between the tackles. Lack of experience at RB shows itself in his indecisiveness.

— Serious tendency to bounce outside at the first sign of trouble. Can make plays worse.

— Below-average stop/start explosiveness. Takes a few steps to kick back into high gear.

— 11 G, 113 ATT, 716 YDS (6.3 AVG), 8 TD; 19 REC, 132 YDS (6.9 AVG), 0 TD

— 3-star recruit in Iowa’s 2018 class, per 247Sports

— Transferred from Iowa to Purdue in 2022

— Primarily a wide receiver for four years at Iowa before moving to RB at Purdue

Tyrone Tracy is a 24-year-old WR convert whose athletic profile still makes him an interesting RB prospect.

Tracy checks a lot of boxes athletically. When attacking straight downhill, especially on gap runs like power, he shows impressive north-south burst. He can rip through the line of scrimmage, bringing enough force and strength to keep everything moving if there’s a pileup.

Tracy’s burst and speed show up best on the edge. He can ruin tackling angles on the perimeter before gradually accelerating to a solid top speed. Tracy’s inconsistent vision and non-commanding rushing style stripped him of opportunities to hit breakaway runs, but he has the speed for it.

However, Tracy’s burst disappears when changing directions. He’s a smooth, flexible player who can make sharp turns, especially behind the line of scrimmage, but he does not explode out of those turns. Tracy’s lateral explosion and ability to make defenders miss in space is lacking as well.

In turn, Tracy has to deal with contact a lot, which he fares well with. Tracy isn’t a bruiser, but he brings enough strength and balance to put up a fight and squeeze out some extra yards.

Tracy’s biggest issue are decision-making and experience. A WR convert, Tracy has a tendency to bounce plays outside at the first sign of trouble. That sometimes works, but it’s a volatile play style. Even when Tracy does keep it between the tackles, he struggles on zone concepts where the onus is on him to keep his options open and choose the right rushing lane. Tracy loses some of his downhill burst and balance in those instances.

Tracy is a bet on athleticism and versatility. He brings enough burst, balance and speed to see the outlines of a useful running back. Tracy also brings pass-catching experience and potential as a kick returner. Tracy would fit best in a gap-heavy system that can simplify his reads and let him loose.

GRADE: 5.9 (Backup/Draftable – 6th/7th Round)


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