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Jordan Travis NFL Draft 2024: Scouting Report for New York Jets QB



James Gilbert/Getty Images

— Above-average line-drive thrower. Can pin the ball right on a spot.

— Very good quickness and escapability. Nimble, explosive mover.

— Shows the ability to run around and create outside the pocket. Quality scrambler with flashes of good ability to throw on the move.

— T-rex throwing motion with poor natural core strength. Struggles to drive the ball without maximum effort.

— Problematic ball control as a result of poor throwing mechanics and strength. Struggles to add touch on throws.

— Regularly plays a beat or two late when throwing intermediate routes. Does not anticipate route breaks.

— Middling pocket presence. Doesn’t excel at buying space and throwing over a sea of bodies in the pocket.

— 11 GM, 207-324 (63.9%), 2,756 YDS (8.5 AVG), 20 TD, 2 INT; 73 ATT, 176 YDS (2.4 AVG), 7 TD

— 3-star recruit in Louisville’s 2018 class, per 247Sports

— Transferred from Louisville to Florida State in 2019

— 2022 second-team All-ACC, 2023 first-team All-ACC

— Season-ending broken leg late in 2023

Jordan Travis is an incomplete prospect with just enough quickness and gumption to stick around in the NFL.

Travis’ arm is not very enticing. While he has decent velocity and can throw some pretty line drives, he lacks overwhelming arm talent. He does not have standout velocity, arm elasticity or ball control. In fact, Travis lacks the natural core strength to throw with ease, which means he strains when he throws and often loses accuracy as a result.

Travis also plays late from the pocket. He operates well on simple, quick-game concepts, but he struggles when asked to throw intermediate. Travis does not anticipate route breaks and throw early. He instead waits to see routes break, which often means he ends up late and the window closes. Travis’ jittery pocket presence plays a factor there as well.

With that said, Travis brings a little something as a scrambler. He is a twitched-up athlete who thrives at escaping tight spaces. Travis often slips out of the pocket with ease, and he has enough speed and vision to be a nuisance in the open field. Travis also has the creativity to find unusual throws and plays when things break down.

Travis is a backup quarterback whose athletic profile and moderately intriguing scrambling are the foundation of his game. There’s almost nothing about Travis’ profile that suggests he is a long-term starting NFL quarterback, though. That’s especially true when considering his age and size.

GRADE: 4.8 (Developmental Prospect — UDFA)


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