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Earthquake ‘one of largest to hit the East Coast.’ How New York has been affected



No “life-threatening situations” or damage has been reported in New York so far as a result of the 4.8-magnitude earthquake felt throughout parts of the state Friday morning.

The earthquake was one of the largest to hit the East Coast in the last century, Gov. Kathy Hochul said in a press conference Friday.

“We’re taking this extremely seriously,” Hochul said. “There is always the possibility of aftershocks … But we have not felt the magnitude of an earthquake of this level since about 2011.”

New York earthquake grounds flights at JFK, Newark airports

Both John F. Kennedy and Newark airports were on full ground stops Friday morning to assess any possible after effects or damage from the quake and will be until further notice, Hochul announced.

Flights at LaGuardia are not grounded currently, possibly due to more recent renovations, which put them at higher standards than the other two NYC airports, Head of State Operations Kathryn Garcia said.

Hochul also said there are no disruptions to Amtrak or MTA at this time.

Earthquake in Hudson Valley, NYC 4.8 magnitude earthquake felt in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam Friday

Were utilities affected in earthquake in New York, New Jersey?

New York State Division of Homeland Security Commissioner Jackie Bray said there was an overloading of circuits in the NYC area immediately after the earthquake but after contacting AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, networks are back up and working now.

A gas leak was also reported in Rockland County, Bray said, but no major infrastructure impacts have been reported yet.

Earthquake felt in Upstate NY: Earthquake reported in New York, New Jersey. What we know now

State roads, bridges and dams being surveyed after New York earthquake

There are fault lines in New York, Garcia said, so all of the infrastructure agencies activated their policies and procedures to assess the situation but no damage has been reported as of now.

“We are going to be reviewing all potentially vulnerable infrastructure sites throughout the state of New York,” Hochul said.

No increase in hospitalizations or vehicle accidents has been reported at this time.

Tips for dealing with aftershocks after earthquake

Aftershocks are possible, Hochul said, so if there is one, drop to the floor, cover your neck and hold on to something sturdy.

Hochul is also advising New Yorkers to take caution near any damaged buildings, inspect your homes for damage and to leave your home if you hear any shifting or unusual noises.

Emily Barnes is the New York State Team consumer advocate reporter for the USA TODAY Network. Contact Barnes at or on Twitter @byemilybarnes.

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