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An abandoned 19th-century farmhouse in New York has remained untouched for 5 decades — take a look inside



The property, which has been abandoned for at least 50 years, is known as the Marion Carll Farm. It consists of a house, a garage, a smokehouse, an outhouse, and more.

Sansivero told Business Insider in 2022 there had been a legal battle between the previous owners and the local school district, which was bequeathed the home.

“Once that lawsuit was settled, the district had me come in to photograph everything in the house as it was,” Sansivero said.

Now, some of the land on the farmstead has been leased by the Commack School District to Long Island University, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. The land will be used to graze animals, which veterinary students will monitor as part of their studies.

The AVMA said that LIU will pay “$50,000 for 6 acres of the property and will continue to pay $15,000 a year in rent for the first five years and $20,000 for the remainder of the lease.”

However, the farmhouse will remain untouched.

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