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“You’re Not A Tough Guy”: Donte DiVincenzo Blasts Myles Turner After Heated Exchange In Knicks vs Pacers Game 5



Donte DiVincenzo took the beef against the Pacers’ big man off the court. The NY Knicks turned the MSG Arena into a concert with a blowout 91-121 win. Despite the one-sided nature of the game, both sides got into intense on-court altercations. Especially, in the last quarter, DiVincenzo got heated with the 6 ’11 Myles Turner after he fouled him. Teammates and refs stepped in to separate both players. Eventually, both of them received tech for their actions.

However, DiVincenzo didn’t seem to end the beef as he took it off the court. Speaking to the media about the altercation, he said, “They trying to be tough guys, you know, and that’s not their identity. There was nothing more to that.” Moreover, he further called out Turner over for arguing despite extracting a foul. He added, “I don’t agree with trying to walk up on somebody. Nobody’s going to fight in NBA. So take the foul, keep it moving. You’re not a tough guy just keep it moving.”


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