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Xander Schauffele Defends Tiger Woods’s Polarizing TGL Dream; Hails It as a ‘Never Seen Before’ Concept



Sports is a dynamic industry, and new ideas that threaten the current order often face resistance and criticism before they find their footing. Tiger Woods‘s TGL, a novel approach combining golf and technology, initially prompted a variety of reactions. Some appreciated it, while others just deemed the entire concept to be a hoax. TGL’s plight didn’t just end at the backlash, a damaged venue added to it. Now, that the league is nearing its launch again, it is gaining traction again!

The polarizing golf league recently found its advocate in Xander Schauffele who referred to TGL as a medium of bringing new-age definition to golf, and putting forth what is done on the course.

Xander Schauffele believes that TGL will give viewers a better understanding of golf


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“It’s going to be something that people have never seen before,” Schauffele shared with The NY Post. His enthusiasm underscores a belief in the project’s potential to not only entertain but also expand the golf audience. TGL’s golf on an indoor simulator course is said to mimic the intricacies of the actual golf course. The World No. 5 recently joined TGL’s latest team, New York Golf Club, and hence hailed it as one of the leagues that has a lot of potential.

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He emphasized, “The big goal is to grow the golf audience by giving everyone an insight into how we operate. It’s very personal and up-close and will be similar to what we do on the golf course,” underscoring the project’s goal of bringing spectators closer to the nuances of the game. The addition of a “more tech-forward” component, and just 2-hour weekly matches are what will help in expanding the golf audience, and capture young fans’ attention.

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The reaction the golf world has to Tiger Woods’ TGL is not the most pleasant, to say the least. While the fans think that this will end up in failure, with Xander Schauffele in support, this sentiment might soon change. Ian Poulter, in an interview with The Telegraph, talked about how hypocritical the entire TGL concept is.

Ian Poulter’s thoughts on ‘team-based’ TGL


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He compared TGL to the recent trend of Hollywood actors buying into football clubs, suggesting it’s a cash grab for stars like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. Poulter said “Everyone – big businesses, celebrities, sports stars – suddenly want to get in with team sports. Look at Wrexham [Football Club] with those Hollywood actors and other superstars at other teams, clubs and franchises.” He pointed out McIlroy joining the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Anthony Joshua in supporting the Alpine team.

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According to him, LIV Golf is perhaps at the forefront of the team golf trend and drawing celebrities who want to engage in the professional golf landscape in addition to financial gain. An unnamed LIV Golf player also said, “It’s a blatant fop to Tiger and Rory to keep them onside and earn them millions of guess what, ‘guaranteed money.’”


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Despite facing criticism, TGL has found a strong advocate in Xander Schauffele, and other golfers who will play in it. It remains to be seen if TGL can live up to the hype and prosper in the dynamic golf industry.

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