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Why Is Josh Hart Taped Up? Horrifying Collision Causes Concerns In Indiana As Pacers Take On Knicks



The New York workhorse has had a rough night at Indianapolis. The NY Knicks guard Josh Hart suffered an unusual discomfort in his abdomen region throughout the first half of Game 6. Notably, the 29-year-old star seemed to have taken a blow from the Indiana Pacers big man Pascal Siakam during a rebound attempt in the first quarter.

Hart was seen holding to his abdomen in grave pain for the entirety of the first half. The star, who has a reputation for playing long minutes, didn’t start the second quarter because of the injury. Nevertheless, after the break, he returned to the court in the second quarter with his abdomen tapped up.

The tapping work didn’t seem to help the guard as he struggled in the second half as well. And eventually, amid the Pacers’ offensive surge in the fourth quarter, Josh Hart returned to the locker room around the 8th-minute mark.

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