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Who Is Jalen Brunson’s Mom? All Details on Knicks Star’s “Shorty”



Jalen Brunson is the point-guard for the New York Knicks and the son of their assistant coach, Rick Brunson. Fans are aware of the relationship the two share as they are often seen together on the court. However, the contributions of Sandra Brunson, Jalen’s mother, are often not focused on by the basketball world. Sandra has been a prominent part of Jalen’s lifeand helped him become the player he is today.

Sandra Brunson’s Athletic Background And Distinguished Connection with Kobe Bryant

Sandra Brunson was a Temple University student-athlete who was an integral member of their volleyball squad. According to New York Basketball X, her college roommate was Kobe Bryant’s sister, which exposed her to the professional basketball scene long before she got married. Her experience as an athlete helped her shape Jalen’s mindset.


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Knowing the encouragement a young athlete needs, she would send him a text to fire him up before a game. “I’m preparing for the game as a parent just like he might be, and I would send him a text giving him some things to think about.’ And I think that helped him. I did it all the way through college. We’re talking about every game.” However, Jalen asked her to send a simple “I love you” as he now plays over 80 games in a season.

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She further understood the importance of focusing on the tangible aspect of the game. “I wasn’t out there wishing he would score 100 points or anything like that. It was to do the tangibles. He worked so hard on X, work with this. Do what you do and don’t let anyone change your focus.” The thought process became the basis for the way she would talk to Jalen. 

Jalen Brunson’s Personality Coach Mum Also Teaches Toughness

Brunson’s father, being quite familiar with the sport and the NBA, worked out well in favor of Knicks’ point guard. Rick taught him all he needed to know to make it big. However, his mother made just as big of a contribution to his career. Jalen inherited his parents’ athletic genes and thanked his mom for his jump. “Thank you for my athletic ability because without you I wouldn’t be able to jump as high as I do,” he told his mom.

Furthermore, she was the one who shaped his personality, as Rick would often be busy with the Knicks. Jalen said his father helped with his physical development, “But my mom handled, legit, everything else. She was the general. She held me accountable for everything I did. If I was putting my mind to something, I couldn’t quit until it was done. She basically gave me that no-quit mentally.” 

She helped him form the mentality he needed to rise to his current height and possibly go beyond. Although she was one of his most prominent mentors, she did not forego the motherhood aspect of their relationship.

An Adorable Mother-Son Relationship

Sandra and Brunson have a close mother-son bond. During an interview in May 2020, the basketball player discussed their special bond. “She is like my best friendshe is my best friend, 100 percent,” Jalen spoke of Sandra. Meanwhile, Sandra called her relationship with Brunson “unbreakable and a blessing.”

During the interview, Brunson showed his gratitude to his mother for everything she has done for him to date. “Thank you for sacrificing pretty much everything for myself and my sister,” he replied. “I really do thank you for loving me every single day and being there every single day and allowing me to annoy you every day that I can,” he continued. “I truly love you with all my heart.”


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Joint Ventures with Son and Contributions Back to the Society

A star for the Knicks, Brunson decided to give back to society, but he is not alone in his charitable ventures. Sandra and the Knicks player co-founded the Second Round Foundation. It is a nonprofit that “plants seeds to create equity for young people through education, sport and community.” As per their website, their mission is to “empower young people to determine their own success, regardless of background or circumstance.


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The nonprofit has launched various initiatives since its inception. The One Family Program and the Jalen Brunson Patriot Wellness Program are some of their more prominent programs. Sandra acts as the Co-Founder and the CFO for the Second Round Foundation.

Sandra has been present for each step of Jalen’s development and strives to help him in any future endeavors he has had. The two depict an ideal mother-son relationship, and their bond will continue to evolve.

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