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Whitmer announces 138 new jobs coming to Michigan



(CBS DETROIT) – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced expansion projects are bringing 138 new employment opportunities to Michigan. 

Two businesses, P&THE Manufacturing Michigan, LLC and Walinga USA Inc., are expected to create 138 new jobs to generate a capital investment of close to $11 million. 

P&THE Manufacturing Michigan LLC is a subsidiary of the Canton Township-based P&THE Holding, which is comprised of businesses that provide manufacturing solutions. 

The company plans to acquire Turbo Components, Inc. (TCI), an aluminum casting and machining manufacturer in Spring Lake Township that produces engine parts for an auto supplier located in Auburn Hills. TCI has no employees and filed for bankruptcy in April. 

This project is supported by a $428,000 Michigan Business Development Program grant and is expected to create 107 new jobs. 

Michigan was chosen over the existing facility the company has in Ohio. 

In addition, the township has offered a 50% tax reduction for this project. 

The second company bringing more jobs to the state is Walinga USA Inc. It is a subsidiary of Walinga Inc., which is headquartered in Canada and was created in Wayland to bring its products to U.S. customers. The company makes pneumatic transportation systems and feed trailers for the livestock and agriculture industry. 

Walinga USA is expanding, adding a new facility and renovating an existing one in Wayland.

It is expected to create 31 jobs with support from a $168,000 Micro Michigan Business Development Program grant.

Currently, the company has 53 Michigan employees. The municipality will also offer a 50% tax reduction.

 Michigan was chosen over sites in Indiana, Iowa and North Carolina. 

“The decisions by these companies to expand in Michigan highlight the strength of our advanced manufacturing and agribusiness industries, and further demonstrate Team Michigan’s commitment to delivering long-term economic growth for all Michiganders,” said MEDC Sr. Vice President of Regional Prosperity Matt McCauley. “These projects are wins for the entire state. We are grateful to the Governor, legislators of both parties and local officials for their continued support of our efforts. These investments reflect our commitment to ensuring that Michigan becomes an even better place for each of our 10 million-plus friends and neighbors to live, work, visit, play, and create futures. We will continue working to earn investments and support our people as we encourage businesses of all sizes to make it in Michigan.” 

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