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Which album is Taylor Swift releasing next?



Taylor Swift has spent the past four years quietly re-recording her previous album in an attempt to reclaim ownership of her earlier life’s work. So far fans have heard the rerecordings of Swift’s 2012 ‘Red’ album and 2008 ‘Fearless’ album.

Since the releases of the two old albums and one original album ‘Midnights,’ in the last three years, fans have started to formulate their educated guesses and theories about what album the pop star will be releasing next.

Which albums is Swift re-recording?

Not including the already released albums, Swift is expected to release four more albums including ‘Taylor Swift,’ ‘Speak Now’ ‘Reputation’ and ‘1989.’ However many fans have begun to speculate that ‘Speak Now’ is Swift’s upcoming album and they have provided theories to back up their claims.

The ‘Speak Now’ easter eggs

According to avid fans of Swift, her recent music video for her single ‘Bejeweled’ off of her latest newly recorded album ‘Midnights’ is packed with tons of subtle hints that ‘Speak Now’ is up next.

The music video for ‘Bejewlled’ begins with the instrumental from her song ‘Enchanted’ which is off of ‘Speak Now.’ As well in the elevator scene in the music video, Swift is seen pushing the floor button for level 3, which is purple, coincidentally the color of her third album cover, which is ‘Speak Now.’

Going even further, Swift wears two pins in her hair throughout the video. The pins have the letters S and N on them, which many fans believe stands for Speak Now.

While these may seem like minor details, Swift is known for giving her fans subtle clues or easter eggs to keep them predicting her next move.

“I try to do Easter eggs in like, first round is stuff they can see that predicts what will happen in a couple of months,” she shared with CapitalFM in May 2019.

She continued, “There’s also, like, second-tier Easter eggs which will be revealed upon the album. Then there’s third tier Easter eggs which are the most deeply embedded Easter eggs, which will be shown on the tour.”

“Basically, when new music comes out, they’ll realize there are dozens are lyrical references and symbolic references,” Swift said.

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