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Wayne Brady gets into ‘minor’ physical altercation with driver after hit-and-run accident




Wayne Brady was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident on Sunday.

The “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” star was involved in a traffic accident on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California, after a driver backed his vehicle into Brady’s car, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson said in a statement to USA TODAY on Monday.

Brady and the male driver – who was not named by police in the statement – got into a “minor physical altercation” after Brady attempted to stop him from fleeing the scene on foot. The driver tried to escape after allegedly hearing sirens from emergency service vehicles.

Following the altercation, the driver managed to run into a nearby neighborhood, according to the sheriff’s department. LASD deputies said they located him 20 minutes later and arrested him on charges of suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, hit-and-run property damage and battery.

TMZ was first to report the news.

Brady’s representative, Katie Schroeder, declined to comment on the accident to USA TODAY.

Those who witnessed the accident or have information related to the incident are encouraged to contact the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station at 818-878-1808 and speak with the Traffic Investigations Office.

The hit-and-run accident comes just a few months after Brady came out as pansexual in an interview with People magazine. Pansexuality is a sexual orientation under the LGBTQ umbrella that refers to individuals who are attracted to others regardless of their gender identity.

The “Let’s Make a Deal” host said his coming out journey was an extension of the self-discovery he found through his mental health advocacy work, which he said was inspired by the death of actor Robin Williams in 2014.

“Once I opened that door to myself though, I had to start learning about myself, and I had to start owning up to things that maybe I’d either repressed, suppressed, or just didn’t want to deal with,” Brady said. “I gave joy at work.  But the pity is then I come home, and I don’t have that joy.”

“I have to love myself,” Brady continued. “And that’s when I realized that I had a problem because if I can spend everything on stage and on camera but then I come home and there is a love deficit, what is going on? That was my rock bottom.”

‘I have to love myself’: Wayne Brady of ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ comes out as pansexual

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