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Watch: Josh Hart’s Hilarious Moment Learning Knicks Rookies



Watch: Josh Hart’s Hilarious Moment Learning Knicks Rookies

If Josh Hart call for the ball from Pacome Dadiet if/when they take the floor for the New York Knicks next season, he may have to resort to a nickname.

The humorous Hart will require a pronunciation guide for one of his newest teammates, as the third-year Knick accidentally butchered the name of Dadiet, the first of four prospects who received the metropolitan call at the recent NBA Draft, on the latest edition of the “Roommates Show” web series.

The correct pronunciation of the Knicks’ teenage first-round pick is “Pa-comb Da-dee-ay.” Hart, however, went the phonetic route to herald Dadiet’s arrival, much to the amusement of co-hosts Jalen Brunson and Matt Hillman.

“With the 25th pick, we got … Pa-comey…Da-dee…da-diet?” Hart declared. The entrepreneur Hillman tries to salvage Hart’s mispronunciation, saying “when you eat healthy, you’re on ‘da diet.'”

Brunson, who foresaw Hart’s issues the second Hillman brought up the topic (“Let Josh do it!”), has no issues with Dadiet’s name.

Already incredulous over the pronunciation of Dadiet, Hart is equally tripped up by Tyler Kolek’s seemingly easier surname, going with “Ko-leek” instead of “Ko-leck.” Another accomplished Big East alum hailing from Marquette rather than Brunson and Hart’s Villanova, Kolek was the 34th pick of the draft and the first of three New York selections in the second round.

Hart also appears to be one of those stumped by the Big East urban legend that Kolek is illiterate, a report sprouted by an obvious parody account on X. He blamed Hillman for sending him the tweet that gave rise to canon fodder used by opposing student sections.

Hart figures to get plenty of practice pronouncing the names of Dadiet, Kolek, and other metropolitan newcomers starting next weekend, as New York’s rookies and prospects tip off Summer League play in Las Vegas against the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday (5 p.m. ET, ESPN2).

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