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Warm weather allows golfing season to start early in Western New York



Here at Greystone Golf Course, the snow tubing season looks a little bit different this year.

“This season has been a lot different than our past seasons, we’ve kind of been chasing weather and dealing with all the really warm weather,” said Meghan Mckenzie, media manager for Greystone.

Warmer weather calls for a need to make more man-made snow for snow tubing rather than rely on natural snow fall.

“We try to get a really big base down so obviously with this 50, 60 degree weather, we have to keep that enough so that we can have tubers during the day,” Mckenzie said.

Which means weather isn’t stopping the Saint John Fisher’s women soccer team from hitting the hill.

“It’s just great for team bonding and its so fun,” said snow tuber Gwenyth Madden, who is also apart of Saint John Fisher’s women soccer team. “We just did a big run with the whole team going down at once.”

But it does mean it’s opening up the facility for more than just tubing.

“Usually, in past years we’ve been only snow tubing from around December to March, but honestly February, we’ve been open this week with golf,” said Mckenzie.

The lack of natural snow that western New York has seen so far this winter is giving golfers the opportunity to hit the golf course in February, a hole in one that many golfers probably weren’t counting on.

“It’s really funny to get calls being like, ‘are you open?’ And you’re like, for golf or for snow tubing?” Mckenzie said.

“I’m sure some dads are like coming to golf and then their kids are over here tubing. Yesterday was so nice,” said Madden.

And the only hard part?

“Probably the mud cause its warm out but I love the warmth, its not terribly cold,” Madden said.

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