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USA vs Colombia live updates: scores, stats and highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic



Hello! Hello! Welcome back to another exciting night of baseball. He has a great game for you guys tonight. It is do or die for Team USA and Colombia. After Mexico beat Canada earlier this afternoon, it all became that much tighter. Colombia needs a win here in order to get an invitation back to the WBC, at least. 

Team USA had a big loss against Mexico and will look to redeem themselves. The Americans are the tournament’s favorite, and that loss against Mexico shook things up. But they have the tools and experience to win this one and get to the tournament’s next stage. 

Canada will also be looking at this game. If Colombia gets a win tonight, that means that they are out, and Colombia is in, at least for an invitation back. If team USA wins, that means Canada secures that fourth place and could make it to the next round. So don’t leave and stay with us tonight. 

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