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U.S. Issues Travel Alert For Los Cabos Ahead Of Spring Break 



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It’s not uncommon for the U.S. State Department or U.S. Embassy to issue warnings about traveling to certain international regions. So it’s not surprising that the U.S. has issued a travel alert for Mexico ahead of the spring break season.   

Alerts are common, especially during times when Americans are expected to travel internationally in larger numbers, like during holidays and school breaks, for example.   

Tourists Walking Around a Quiet Cabo San Lucas Marina

Reason For New Travel Alert 

Hundreds of thousands of young Americans travel to Los Cabos during the spring break months to take a break from school, enjoy the warm weather, and party until the sun comes up.   

Because it is a party atmosphere, where a lot of drinking takes place, it isn’t uncommon for spring breakers to put themselves in dangerous situations.   

The alert, and the suggestions that go along with it, are a way to remind spring breakers of the dangers that might exist when visiting a foreign place. 

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U.S. State Department Travel Alerts 

The travel alerts issued by the U.S. State Department come in four different forms, or levels, each more severe than the next.   

These levels are based on how risky it is for American travelers to travel to a specific destination.   

They are also color-coded and include the following: 

  • Blue – Level 1 – Exercise Normal Precautions 
  • Yellow – Level 2 – Exercise Increased Caution 
  • Orange – Level 3 – Reconsider Travel 
  • Red – Level 4 – Do Not Travel 

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Current Travel Alert For Baja California Sur 

Currently, the U.S. State Department Travel Alert level for Baja California Sur, the state in which Los Cabos resides,  is Yellow, or Level 2.   

This alert applies to the state as a whole and is a general indication of the security status of the region.   

More specific alerts come in the form of Risk Indicators, which more thoroughly explain the reasons for the alert level. 

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U.S. State Department Travel Alert Risk Indicators  

In addition to travel alert levels, the U.S. State Department also assigns risk indicators to specific regions to help travelers understand the reasons for the alert.  

These are classified by a letter assignment, and the main risk indicators include: 

  • C – Crime 
  • T – Terrorism 
  • U – Civil Unrest 
  • H – Health 
  • N – Natural Disaster 
  • E – Time Limited Event 
  • K – Kidnapping or Hostage Taking 
  • O – Other  
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Risk Indicators That Apply To Los Cabos 

In the case of the alert regarding spring break travel to places like Los Cabos, a mixture of some of the main indicators, as well as some additional ones that apply more to this specific demographic, have been assigned.   

They are: 

  • Crime – Crime can occur anywhere in Mexico. 
  • Drugs – Drug possession is illegal in Mexico. 
  • Unregulated Alcohol – Can be contaminated. 
  • Pharmaceuticals – Counterfeit medication.  
  • Sexual Assault – Inebriated visitors often targeted. 
  • Drowning – Strong, unpredictable currents. 
  • Medical Emergencies – May demand cash.  
  • Guns And Ammunition – Both illegal in Mexico. 
  • Arrests – Disorderly conduct, open containers, etc. 
  • Immigration – Fines and detention for violating. 
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Safety Suggestions From The U.S. State Department 

The U.S. State Department and U.S. Embassy also issued some practical suggestions for staying safe when visiting places like Los Cabos and other tourist destinations.   

We’ll list some of those below. 

  • If you don’t have insurance that covers you in Mexico, purchase travel insurance. 
  • Do not swim on unswimmable beaches in Los Cabos, indicated by a red or black flag. 
  • Always watch your drink. 
  • Stay with friends and avoid being alone with strangers. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings.  
  • Keep your passport in a safe place. 
  • Inform your family back home of your plans. 
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It’s important to note that these travel alerts are more of a reminder for travelers to take control of their own safety.    

This is something that should always be done, no matter where you travel, even in the relatively safe vacation destination of Los Cabos. 

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