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Trump trial live: Michael Cohen testifies at New York court – BBC News



Copyright: Reuters/Jane Rosenberg

The prosecution’s star witness in Donald Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial could also be its biggest liability.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, is testifying against the man he once reverently referred to as “The Boss.”

But outside the courtroom, on podcasts, television and social media, Cohen has not exactly helped their case.

He has mocked Trump on X, calling him”sleepy Donald” and has used a profane nickname referring to the former president.

Cohen also has posted memes that appear to show Trump in prison-uniform orange, and joked on TikTok about Trump being incarcerated.

“Trump 2024?” he said during one TikTok stream, reported by ABC News.

“More like Trump 20-24 years.”

Cohen’s rogue behaviour, coupled with his very real criminal record, has opened the door for Trump’s defence to cast doubt on this crucial player.

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