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Tish Cyrus dealing with ‘issues’ in Dominic Purcell marriage



Originally appeared on E! Online

Tish Cyrus understands that marriage is a climb.

That’s why the 56-year-old believes any “issues” she has with husband Dominic Purcell can be addressed with time and patience, including their astrological incompatibility.

“I was so scared when I first met Dom, my husband, which was not that long ago,” Cyrus admitted on the March 28 episode of her and daughter Brandi Cyrus‘ “Sorry We’re Stoned” podcast. “But it is crazy because I am a Taurus and he is an Aquarius, and every single thing I read said, ‘Don’t even do it. It is the absolute worst pairing.'”

Explaining how she tends to “take things personally” while the “Prison Break” alum—who she married in August with daughter Miley Cyrus serving as the maid of honor—has a “very blunt” way of speaking, Tish Cyrus said she “could not believe” they ended up together.

“I was an only child, I was adopted, so I was coddled a lot,” the music manager continued. “I kind of have needed that. But that’s just not who he is. He is not emotional.”

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And while Tish Cyrus noted that her and Purcell’s contrasting personalities “could be a problem,” she’s learned how to overcome their communicative challenges.

“Instead—now—of me getting so offended, because I respect and love him, that we have conversations,” the podcast host, who was married to Billy Ray Cyrus for almost 30 years before their 2022 divorce, shared. “I’ve never been good at that.”

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“These are definitely issues,” Tish Cyrus added. “But issues also—because I love him—that I’m dealing with.”

Tish Cyrus’ comments come amid speculation of a family rift caused by her romance with Purcell, 54. Though Tish Cyrus has never publicly addressed the rumors, the Hopetown Entertainment founder did raise eyebrows when she and Purcell tied the knot in Malibu without her daughter Noah Cyrus, 24, and son Braison Cyrus, 29, by her side.

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