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This legendary NYC pizza shop is reportedly opening its first new location in over 80 years



This legendary NYC pizza shop is reportedly opening its first new location in over 80 years

Some NYC culinary institutions are meant to be single-store-front businesses.

We mean, can you imagine Prince Street Pizza opening a second location? Although a Carbone for “members only” is operational inside ZZ’s Club in Hudson Yards, the general public largely thinks of the restaurant’s iconic Thompson Street address as the only authentic Carbone around there.

L&B Spumoni Gardens, the famous Italian-American pizzeria at 2725 86th Street in Brooklyn that first opened back in 1939, squarely belonged in that category of businesses for over 80 years. In New Yorkers’ minds, there could only ever be one L&B Spumoni Gardens.

Photograph: Wikimedia

And, yet, things are about to change. Following a 2019 announcement, the pizzeria seems to be a bit closer to opening its second-ever location, this one at 46 Old Fulton Street in Dumbo. 

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that “after numerous snags,” the new venue could open “as soon as September.” Cue the delight of pizza-loving New Yorkers all around town.

According to the outlet, construction took a very long time because of issues relating to the NYC Department of Buildings. 

“Work included new interior walls, plumbing fixtures, cooking equipment and HVAC unit, kitchen exhaust hood and more, but progress has been bumpy,” writes the outlet. 

Whatever the case may be, there will soon enough be another brick-and-mortar selling the renowned Grandma-style square slices that L&B Spumoni Gardens is known for.

Rest assured that, if September continues to be as hot as the past few weeks have been, customers will also ask about the restaurant’s legendary tri-colored spumoni ice cream—the traditional layered dessert from Naples that features different colors of ice cream. 

Suddenly, we’ve craving a whole lot of pizza. 

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