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This breathable cooling vest is a summertime essential for all dogs



This breathable cooling vest is a summertime essential for all dogs

If you live in America, chances are you’ve felt the heatwave that has swept the nation and so has your pup. The weather can be unbearable, which is why we blast the AC, jump in blow-up pools to cool off, and head to the beach any chance we can get.

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But Fido isn’t so lucky, especially if it has a thick fur coat. No pup wants to be left out of the fun but it’s important to make sure your furry best friend doesn’t overheat. Fortunately, Canada Pooch and Frisco make cooling vests for dogs to ensure no one misses out on summer fun.

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So shop to it and check out the great options for small and large breed dogs to ensure you get the paw-fect fit with inclusive sizing.

Canada Pooch Cooling Dog Vest

It is available in three patterns: tie-dye, popsicle, and rainbow, as well as two colors: blue and pink. Sizing ranges from 12 through 28. Instead of using harmful coolant chemicals, this vest is soaked in water, which it retains to keep your pup cool, calm, and hydrated.

Frisco Hazy Sunrise UPF 45 Cooling Dog Vest

The material features UPF 45 protection to shield your pup from the sun, with a built-in mesh panel underneath to keep them cool. Available in sizes from small to XX-large, it provides comfort and flexibility for big-boned breeds during walks or runs. Three prints are available.

This article was written by Emma Sutton-Williams, New York Post Commerce Reporter. Proud dog mom to a Mini Sheepadoodle named Lucy, Emma routinely tests top-rated pet products with her pup to find the best recommendations for fellow pet owners. In search of the best dog food brands, leashes, harnesses and more, Emma taps veterinarians and experts like Cesar Millan, better known as the “Dog Whisperer,” for pet health advice, FAQs and training secrets. In addition to her work at the Post, Emma’s byline has appeared in Rolling Stone, Oprah Daily, Parents, InStyle, StyleCaster and more. 

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