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Teen kidnapped 26 years ago rescued from neighbor’s cellar just 100 meters from Algerian home



A teenager who went missing in 1998 was found alive over the weekend in the cellar of his alleged kidnapper’s home — just 300 feet from his family’s residence in Algeria.

Omar Bin Omran was rescued Sunday from the house of his longtime captor after he went missing on his way to vocational school some 26 years ago, according to Algerian media reports.

Omar, now 45 and with a beard, was saved from the basement below his neighbor’s hay-covered floor in some sort of sheep pen, a video showing the confused-looking detainee posted on social media shows.

Omar was found behind a door in a hay-covered floor in his alleged captor’s home. EnnaharTv

His accused captor, a 61-year-old man who lived alone, was taken into custody, according to the Djelfa Attorney General’s Office.

Investigators were reportedly tipped off by the victim’s family after the suspect’s brother suggested his sibling was involved in the kidnapping in a social media post while the pair were fighting over inheritance.

The National Gendarmerie then re-opened the investigation and searched the man’s home until they discovered a trapdoor hidden underneath hay on the floor.

They found Omar behind the door, the prosecutors said.

Omar was taken to a medical center for treatment — both physical and psychological, while the unnamed suspect will go to trial for the “heinous crime,” the attorney general’s office said.

The teen’s alleged abductor has also been accused of killing his dog — seen in photos with him the year he went missing, according to Algerian news reports.

The alleged kidnapper is also accused of killing Omar’s dog after it lingered near the home were the teen was being held captive. EnnaharTv
Omar was taken to a medical center for evaluation as the 61-year-old homeowner was arrested. EnnaharTv

The dog lingered around the suspect’s home for a whole month after Omar disappeared.

Shortly after, the dog’s body was left in front of Omar’s family’s home — and was believed to have been poisoned.

Sadly, Omar’s mother, who never stopped looking for her missing son — one of her nine children — died in 2013, his uncle told Algerian media.

Omar’s mother always believed he was still alive and never stopped looking for him until her death in 2013. EnnaharTv

While other family members believed he was killed during the country’s civil war during the 1990s and early 2000s, his mother felt in her heart that he was still alive.

Her last wish was; “Please, do not stop searching for Omar. I am sure he is still alive,” according to the reports.

The victim reportedly told family members that he would sometimes see them walking by through a window in his abductor’s home, but was unable to speak or call out to them — like he was under some kind of spell, according to Algerian news articles.

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