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Super Bowl security uses smart Swift strategy to get giddy pop star from suite to field



Getting pop star Taylor Swift safely to the field to celebrate Super Bowl win with Travis Kelce and the Chiefs was no easy task.


LAS VEGAS — After spending four hours sequestered inside her luxury suite at Allegiant Stadium, Taylor Swift emerged, and in memorable fashion.

With a look of joy and a hint of disbelief on her face. 

Her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs had just won Super Bowl 58 in overtime, 25-22, against the San Francisco 49ers. After cheering on Kelce and the Chiefs, there was work ahead for the pop superstar. Somehow, she had to get from that luxury suite to the field to celebrate.

For that, security implemented a strategy. They kept the suite door closed as other celebrities passed, such as NBA stars James Harden and Draymond Green. And when the coast was finally clear, out she came.

A step behind Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, Swift walked down the corridor with that look of stunned joy. Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce (hard to miss in his gaudy Chiefs overalls), and dad, Ed Kelce, followed a few steps behind. 

Swift turned and smiled for photos as security guards guided the entourage to a service elevator, then made her way to the back as the door closed. She was a bit closer to the field and Travis — with that priceless, giddy look on her face. 

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