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Stunning plans for $12bn skyscraper casino would change NYC skyline forever



STUNNING plans have been revealed for a whopping $12billion skyscraper casino resort in New York City.

The mega complex would stand 80-storeys tall and could completely revamp the cities iconic skyline forever – but developers might face a major struggle to get it built.


Wynn New York City is made of up three towers with the main one being a giant casino skyscraperCredit: Related Companies and Wynn Resorts
The casino will be over the bottom five floors of the skyscraper with the rest being hotel rooms, shops and restaurants


The casino will be over the bottom five floors of the skyscraper with the rest being hotel rooms, shops and restaurantsCredit: Related Companies and Wynn Resorts
A 5.6-acre park will surround the glamorous skyscraper that towers over the Hudson River


A 5.6-acre park will surround the glamorous skyscraper that towers over the Hudson RiverCredit: Related Companies and Wynn Resorts

The clever minds behind the idea – Wynn Resorts – boasted the miraculous concept artwork showing off the potential new build that overlooks the Hudson River.

The ambitious project, dubbed Wynn New York City, has been virtually designed alongside real estate kingpins Related Companies and could sit on the West Side of Manhattan.

Alongside it will be two other tall towers – taking up an almighty 13-acres.

The casino resort will be packed in across the bottom five floors of the main skyscraper with luxury hotels for guests completing the huge build.

Elsewhere a fancy ballroom and spacious conference rooms will occupy several floors as well as hundreds of shops and restaurants.

The second tower will be made up of a 1,400ft office block.

As the third giant building is set to house 1,500 apartments with the top floor being over 1,200ft in the air, claim the plans.

There is also believed to be a public school that can hold 750 students within the grounds alongside a big community centre and day care area for young ones. 

Outside a vast and beautiful 5.6-acre park surrounds the glamorous skyscrapers.

Wynn New York City will attract luxury and aspirational travellers to our destination resort in Hudson Yards

Craig BillingsCEO of Wynn Resorts

A staggering 35,000 jobs will be created during the construction of the skyscraper if it gets the green light with more than 5,000 permanent jobs for when the resort is up and running.

The developers are hoping the idea will boost tourism into New York and help grow the economy.

Craig Billings, CEO of Wynn Resorts said: “As the leading designer, developer, and operator of premium gaming resorts in the world, Wynn New York City will attract luxury and aspirational travellers to our destination resort in Hudson Yards. 

“Wynn guests consistently spend more when they travel. 

“That results in greater tax revenues for the city and state and more spending in the local community, all with less foot traffic than might be required at other resorts.”

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Jeff Blau, CEO of Related Companies, said: “Hudson Yards has already proven to be an unparalleled catalyst for the New York economy, first through tens of thousands of construction jobs and now as home to the world’s leading companies, retail and housing.

“Moving forward with the second phase of development presents an incredible opportunity to double the impact and provide generational benefits to the State, City, and especially our West Side neighbours.”

“We look forward to completing our vision for the neighbourhood in partnership with Wynn Resorts and revealing full project plans as part of our application to New York State.”

The final price tag is yet to be revealed but previous reports have suggested such a project could come in at around $12billion overall.

Michael Weaver, Chief Communications and Brand Officer at Wynn Resorts told The Sun: “Although the total development cost for the Western Hudson Rail Yards complex may be as high as $12billion.

“The development cost for the Wynn New York City gaming resort is approximately $5.7 billion, excluding licensing fees and financing costs.”

And one of the biggest costs would be adapting and renovating the abandoned Hudson Yards railway site.

Plans suggest the skyscraper will be built directly on top of an old railway line.


Currently New York venues don’t have a licence to allow for people to gamble at casinos.

This means there are no registered casino complex’s in the entire bustling state.

But officials in New York are now thought to be strongly considering giving out three unique licences across the state so casinos can be built.

New York City, Long Island and the northern suburbs are believed to be the areas in the running.

But for a new, flashy gambling hub to be built winning bidders need to cough up an additional $500million license fee just to run the casino.

This is on top of the mammoth costs of construction and upkeep of such a pricey venue.

However alongside the Manhattan beauty, several other developers are already plotting their own casinos.

In Queens, New York Mets owner Steve Cohen has proposed a $8billion centre dubbed Metropolitan Park.

Alongside the gaming venue there will also be a hotel and music venue.

This could be the latest in a long line of improvements to the Queens area as a new football stadium is in the works for New York City FC.

And Resorts World New York City slot parlour in South Ozone Park also recently announced they were looking to expand with a casino on the sprawling complex.

Their $5billion expansion would also see a 7,000-seat concert Hall being added.

Elsewhere developers and casino operators have joined forces in a proposal to build a casino in Times Square and one in The Bronx.

The other issue for Wynn New York City is getting the plan approved by city officials.

The process of such a pricey and large build can often result in lengthy checks and balances before building can even begin.

Despite all this, a source spoke about the Hudson Yards plan and said: “This project has gone from a ‘No’ shot to a long shot.”

New York’s gambling laws

NEW York has been one of the final untapped gambling markets in the US for decades now.

Currently Las Vegas is the betting hub of the US and most of the world but New York is looking to get in on the huge profits casinos can make.

But also drive up tourism and economic success in the state.

In order for people to gamble, resorts need to have a license approved by the state – currently in New York these licenses are banned, making casino’s illegal.

But for years, casino companies have been banging on the door of officials to open up New York to the world of gambling – both in person and online.

New York City in particular has long been viewed as a gold mine for casino companies with the city having an estimated 23 million residents and it being a global hub for tourism.

Happy voters in New York first approved the new legalisation of “Vegas style” casinos back in 2013.

But now fresh applications are set to be debated by casino owners and the relevant authorities with an estimated 10 companies looking to open up resorts.

However only three licenses are up for grabs.

After reviewing all the applications, the board will speak to the state’s Gaming Commission who will get the final say on who is awarded a license.

However online sports betting is legal and was allowed way back in 2002.

The casino and fellow towers are set to be a tourist hub and boost New York's economy


The casino and fellow towers are set to be a tourist hub and boost New York’s economyCredit: Related Companies and Wynn Resorts
The plans will redesign New York City's iconic skyline


The plans will redesign New York City’s iconic skylineCredit: Related Companies and Wynn Resorts
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