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Student Profile: Pahini Shah



Pahini Shah is studying for her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a finance concentration. She is also a Peer Success Guide, a student ambassador, and has been a peer tutor. But the School of Management student handles all her responsibilities with grace—good practice for her future career in banking.

Also helping her prepare for that future is her participation in the School’s Bloomberg Certification offering, an e-learning course that provides an introduction to financial markets and practices using Bloomberg Terminal software. Shah has completed the Bloomberg Market Concepts certificate and is near completion of the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Finance Fundamentals certificates. With these credentials added to her résumé, she hopes her newfound knowledge of business topics—like ESG reporting—and strategies will help her get ahead.

“My father has been my biggest motivator and inspiration to enter the finance field,” says Shah, who grew up watching financial news with her dad and was captivated by the numerical intricacies and significance behind the metrics and symbols used. Throughout high school, she participated in competitions like stock market investments. These hands-on experiences only strengthened her desire to pursue a finance career. “Over time, my comprehension of market trends grew, and I found myself eagerly absorbing information about new deals and shifts in the market.”

As she began her college search, New York Tech stood out with its prime location in New York City. Her enthusiasm for the university runs deep, and since becoming a student ambassador for the Office of Admissions in fall 2021, she has been able to share with prospective students and their families her insights into campus life and the variety of academic programs.

“I can really understand the feeling of being lost in your first year at a university. For many students, it isn’t easy figuring things out in a new place and different city from where they grew up,” Shah says. Always keeping that emotion in mind, she takes pride in showcasing the campus as a place that quickly becomes a second home for those who attend New York Tech.

She also uses this mindset when working as a Peer Success Guide—an extracurricular she took on in fall 2022. In this role, Shah aims to connect with first-year students before they begin their first semester to ensure their engagement in and awareness of upcoming events. She prioritizes building strong relationships with her assigned mentees, providing support and guidance as they navigate and grow accustomed to college life. She even organizes group events, like game nights and regular check-ins, to foster a sense of community and deeper involvement in campus life.

Shah thrives on seeing others thrive. “I was a peer tutor from fall 2021 to fall 2022, and seeing students who I’ve tutored become more confident with their capabilities to do well on their assignments and exams—it was the best feeling.”

As New York Tech actively carries out its Strategic Action Plan, Shah also has had a hand in providing student feedback to enhance the student experience and the university as a whole. As part of the Action Implementation Committee, Shah and a handful of students took part in identifying and refining key performance indicators and gathering feedback for improvement initiatives.

Having experienced so many leadership roles at New York Tech, Shah hopes to leverage her skills and expertise to effectively analyze and manage assets across various portfolios, contributing to the growth and success of both clients and institutions as she builds her career in the banking industry.

As her expected May 2024 graduation date draws near, Shah believes she is leaving behind a school well-prepared to provide students with a memorable experience and the confidence and know-how to succeed in their future careers.

“Find any role you can to engage on campus. There are so many opportunities. Don’t take any role less seriously, either, as each could lead to a bigger role with professionalism and hard work,” she advises.

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