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Sloth’s visit to NYC tattoo parlor Haven Studio sparks city fine, denials from business



A sloth visited Brooklyn — and sparked trouble with the city Health Department.

The Long Island man who recently abandoned his Sloth Encounters storefront in the Town of Islip after legal action from local officials allegedly brought the exotic South American beasts to Kings County and is now facing a fine.

The Dec. 8 visit at tattoo parlor Haven Studio brought the business a $500 penalty, while wildlife exhibitor Larry Wallach was issued a summons for bringing the creatures without a permit and now faces a July 2 hearing, the city Health Department said.

Haven Studio denied the incident, claiming the information sloths had visited their location was “wildly inaccurate” despite an Instagram post in which someone was photographed holding one of the animals and thanking them.

Larry Wallach was issued a summons and fine for bringing the sloths and a baby kangaroo to the tattoo parlor. Obtained by The New York Post

Other social media showed a baby kangaroo was also present.

The Instagram post was removed after The Post inquired about it.

“We are in no way associated with Larry Wallach,” the studio told The Post.

Wallach claimed he was unaware of the incident.

“I don’t know what you’re even talking about,” he said.

He plans on reopening Sloth Encounters.

“I’m opening a new store in a new location, I’m not telling you where. We’re under construction. I got my my permits and in about four weeks to six weeks the advertising will start,” he said.

Wallach hasn’t abandoned his fight in Islip, though.

a woman in a grey sweater with black rimmed glasses with a sloth clinging to her
Social media posts documented the sloth’s appearance at Haven Studio, yet the business denied the incident — and the posts were taken down after inquiries from The Post. Obtained by The New York Post

“I think what was done was absolutely disgusting. It was really done on bias, antisemitism,” he claimed. “All I know is I was open for two years, there were so many happy people, the only people who weren’t happy were the animal rights people.

“My animals are all good, they’re healthy and when we do reopen it will be something amazing,” he added.

“Having exotic animals in a tattoo parlor, or any unregulated setting, is dangerous for the animals and potentially the people,” a DOH spokesperson said.

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