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Makip launches Unisize product into US market –

NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Makip announces its move into the US to enable retail/eCommerce and fashion brands to slash the $38 billion returns problem driven by ill-fitting clothing purchased online.

Makip provides retailers with extremely accurate virtual ‘try on’ technology that guides consumers to the right-sized items every time they shop online.

Accurate online sizing technology can reduce the 24% returns rate which is expected to cost US retail/eCommerce businesses $25b in processing costs in 2023!

Makip supports over 250 online retail/eCommerce sites and popular fashion brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and New Balance, with its unique technology, Unisize.

Shingo Tsukamoto, President of Makip, said, “US retail e-commerce is going through a returns crisis, with poor fit being the number one reason for online apparel returns. What US retailers and customers are craving is virtual sizing technology that recognizes unique body size requirements.

“Even though sizing technology has become increasingly sophisticated and widespread throughout the eCommerce world, the age-old problem still exists – you cannot have a standard size when there’s no such thing as a standard body.”

Taking as little as just one month to integrate with a client’s website, Unisize, helps online shoppers to ‘try on’ clothing online and purchase the most suitable, accurately sized clothing item, first-time – delivering a reduction in clothing return rates of 20%, on average.

Makip’s technology asks shoppers basic questions such as age, weight and height to understand the measurements of their body, allowing the sizing technology to map the individual’s body size to the clothing item, and then display how the clothes will fit the unique body size of the shopper.

Tsukamoto continued,Customers can’t accurately ‘try on’ clothes when shopping online. We work out the body measurements for every customer, regardless of their body type/shape and accurately display the item of clothing in comparison to the individual body size of the customer – reducing the likelihood of returns while keeping them coming back for more.”

Makip’s analysis shows that providing online shoppers with more accurate sizing options increases the decision to purchase by 2.5 times.

Media contact:
Anthony Monks
[email protected]  

About Makip:

Makip. Co.Ltd (pronounced “May-kip”) is a sizing technology specialist, supporting online retail/eCommerce and fashion brands with its unique product, Unisize.


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