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Significant GWB delays reported earlier amid concern over protests



The Port Authority warned commuters crossing the George Washington Bridge Wednesday morning of significant delays amid preparations by law enforcement for possible protests.

Traffic delays of up to 75 minutes on the upper levels of the GWB heading into New York were reported during the morning commute.

A police officer was seen guarding a closed gate at the northwalk bicycle and pedestrian path across the bridge. The Port Authority said the northwalk and the GWB bus station would both be closed. Around 10 a.m., the GWB bus station reopened and the north walkway opened around 11:30 a.m.

Buses were picking up and dropping off commuters on Ft. Washington between 178th Street and 179th Street. NJ Transit warned of possible delays of up to 15 minutes. Shortly after 12 p.m., NJ Transit said buses were operating close to schedule.

Columbia University issued a travel advisory to its community warning of “the potential for significant or full closures of the bridge” during the morning rush.

“Local law enforcement has received credible information about plans for a protest on the George Washington Bridge,” the university’s advisory said.

As of 9 a.m., no protest activity had been reported.

“We are working with our law enforcement partners, including NYPD, to monitor potential protest actions designed to impact operations at the Hudson River crossings, and we have deployed safety and security measures to help ensure uninterrupted operations,” a Port Authority spokesman said. “The crossings are currently experiencing heavy commuter traffic volume.”

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