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Pisces weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for March 19 – 25



OUR wonderful astrologer died this month after a short illness.

Ever the professional, she had provided several horoscopes early to meet our production needs and we will continue to publish them.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

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It’s more important to support dreams than squash them

Your financial zone is heating up and you’re ready to make some big decisions.

This time, about what’s best for you, not everyone else.

Looking back through old files can locate some lost, or just forgotten, cash sources.

In love, meanwhile, if you’re waiting to hear some special words, be brave and say them first yourself. This week, it’s more important to support dreams than squash them.

PISCES MUM: Deeply loving, affectionate and demonstrative, Pisces mum is a brilliant listener with an almost psychic ability to read her children’s minds and hearts.

She wraps offspring in a cosy blanket of absolute love, but can be uncertain about more practical sides of parenting, and runs the risk of being over-indulgent, because she never likes to say no.

Full of creative ideas to make childhood memorable.

PISCES CHILD: A sweet, loving and giving child with a dreamy personality who loves to spend time in their own Pisces world.

They’re hard to pin down, not suited to routine, and prefer to do
things when the mood takes them – so schedules go out the window!

Usually extremely artistic, musical and with unique imagination – needs help to organise thoughts and gain confidence to stand alone in the big wide world.

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