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Pacers vs. Knicks Game 5 Results According To NBA 2K24



We’ve got the Indiana Pacers vs. New York Knicks Game 5 Results according to NBA 2K24 to see who wins this critical matchup. With the series tied up, a win here in Game 5 is absolutely imperative for both teams. The Pacers came back in this series after trailing 2-0, with back-to-back wins in Indiana. However, the Knicks return back home with a chance to set things right again. Our NBA 2K24 accurately predicted the outcome of game 4, and will hope to do the same for Game 5.

According to our NBA 2K24 simulation, the Indiana Pacers will defeat the Knicks in Game 5 with a narrow 113-112 victory. The contest was a closely-fought one, with both teams fighting back and forth over the lead. However, the Pacers managed to just barely surpass the Knicks and secure a Game 5 victory. Now, Indiana is only one win away from advancing to the Conference Finals. More importantly, they can finish the series at home and earn some quick rest.

TEAM Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 FINAL
IND 29 26 28 30 113
NY 24 30 21 37 112

Overall, the game was pretty back-and-forth. While the Pacers won the 1st and third quarters, the Knicks played better in the second and fourth. However, what it all came down to was the Pacers playing just well enough to win. However, New York also had plenty of chances to win, but ultimately missed their chance.

Jalen Brunson missed a crucial floater with just 1 second remaining in the fourth quarter, resulting in a Pacers victory. Had he made the shot, New York would be enjoying an incredible victory while regaining the series lead. Instead, Indiana heads out of the stadium with smiles on their faces.

In terms of player performances, Pascal Siakam led the Pacers in scoring, with 31 points. Additionally, he added 8 rebounds to his stat sheet while converting three-of-five 3PT attempts. Funny enough, he didn’t earn any assists, steals, or blocks, but still played a great game. Tyrese Haliburton had a nice double-double, scoring 28 points while adding 13 assists and two steals to the board. Lastly, Myles Turner also put up 20+ points while earning 11 rebounds, 4 blocks, and a steal.

As for the Knicks, Jalen Brunson once again led the team in scoring. His 49 points and 9 assists kept the team in this game. No other Knicks player recorded more than 11 points. Additionally, Brunson completed 4-of-7 three point attempts, but ultimately missed the game-winning shot. However, we feel the rest of the Knicks’ virtual roster needs to step up if they want to win.

Additionally, check out some game stats:

Pacers STAT Knicks
44/81 (54%) Field Goals 45/83 (54%)
10/24 (42%) Three Pointers 11/22 (50%)
15/18 (83%) Free Throws 11/14 (79%)
3 Offensive Rebounds 8
33 Defensive Rebounds 37
7 Steals 3
4 Blocks 2
5 (11) Turnovers (Points Off) 8 (10)
11 Team Fouls 13
10 Biggest Lead 7
23:48 Time of Possession 24:10

With the win, the Pacers now take the lead in the series after winning three straight. They can also now hope to close the series out back home in Indiana. They’ll need to defeat the Knicks as fast as possible to earn some rest before facing Boston or Cleveland in the Conference Finals. Will the Pacers be able to close out this series soon? Or will New York rebound in Game 6?

The Knicks have now three heart-breaking games in a row. What’s worse is that a close loss like this hurts more than the blowout in Game 4. Now they must extend the series to seven games if they want to advance to the Conference Finals. But now you risk injuring your players while Boston is only one win away from ending the series on Tuesday night. The Knicks must bounce back – and swiftly, too.

In terms of accuracy, we feel the scoreboard reflects an accurate NBA game score. However, we’ll continue to adjust CPU Sliders to create more accurate shot conversion rates. The only area in which we’re struggling to find a solution is team injuries. Since we pre-record these simulations, we can’t account for some Game-Time Decision injuries. Furthermore, creating custom rosters seems to cause technical glitches and game crashes.

Regardless, we’ll continue to provide you with entertaining simulations, at the least.

Overall, that wraps up our Pacers vs. Knicks Game 5 Results according to NBA 2K24. If you want more NBA 2K content, try redeeming the latest locker codes. Furthermore, there’s still plenty of rewards to earn in Season 6 before it ends this Friday. Additionally, check out the latest MyTEAM promotion, which added a 100 OVR Tim Duncan player item. Lastly, always keep your eyes peeled for new episodes of 2KTV to earn VC.

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