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P.F. Chang’s will give free Valentine’s dumplings to those dumped over a text message



If chocolate is the key to the heart then dumplings are the key to heartbreak.

P.F. Chang’s will give six free dumplings to anyone who was recently dumped via text message as part a Valentine’s Day promotion.

“A breakup text is now the golden ticket to free DUMPlings at P.F. Chang’s this month,” the Asian and Chinese food chain said in a news release.

From Feb. 7 through Feb 24, you can redeem your dumplings by proving you were dumped, according the a news release. To redeem the deal, text code “CHANGSDUMPLINGS” to 855-697-6181 along with either a breakup story or screenshot of the breakup text and await further instructions.

Users can then receive six-count of shrimp or pork dumplings at a P.F. Changs restaurant or via delivery.

Breakup is ironically common around Valentine’s Day

One in 14 U.S. adults have experienced a breakup around Valentine’s Day, according to data from dating service Bumble.

P.F. Changs said the “DUMPlings program” makes the perfect comfort food for those experiencing heartbreak and shows the chain’s efforts to cater to all guests, whether they’re celebrating a longtime relationship or newly single.

“We wanted to launch a fun, light-hearted program that reminds those finding themselves single, during a month that shines a spotlight on couples, that breakups may suck, but at least our dumplings don’t,” the chain’s marketing director Elisa Cordova said the news release.

P.F. Chang’s isn’t the only food chain embracing heartbreak this month. Pizza Hut is offering a new Valentine’s Day special that gives customers in three U.S. cities the chance to win a a Goodbye Pie, a tastier alternative to a breakup text.

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