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OT Kameren Stewart, Bowling Green



The New York Giants continue to add more offensive line talent post-draft, including Bowling Green left tackle Kameren Stewart

After three seasons at Coastal Carolina, where he did not see much time on offense other than for special teams, he transferred to Bowling Green, where he earned the starting spot. He made 21 starts over his final two seasons in college. 

With the Giants, he joins an extremely crowded offensive line room. Still, this is an interesting addition because it adds to an extremely diverse group of linemen in one room where there are not many legitimate left tackle prospects on the team. 

What To Love

Winning just seems to follow Stewart everywhere he goes. He was part of a three-time state championship team in high school at Dutch Fork. He signed with Coastal Carolina, and over his three seasons with the Chanticleers, they went from 5-7 in the first year to 22-3 in his final two seasons there. 

At Bowling Green, he was a starter on a team that went 10-6 in conference play over the last two seasons. 

In addition to his winning touch, his athleticism helps him move more fluidly on pulls and second-level climbs. 

That athleticism also helps him be more successful on reach blocks with wider defensive ends, pulling for wham or stick blocks, and getting to the perimeter in the screen pass game. 

Needs To Improve

Stewart has a good frame for a tackle but needs to add more weight and strength, as he’s currently under 300 pounds. That weight is rare for any position along the offensive line in the NFL, including center.  

Stewart struggles with speed to power rushes because he does not possess the anchor that heavier tackles have. 

He also does not strike as viciously because he is not that powerful. He does not have the punch that stuns the defensive linemen when they advance and forces them into their secondary pass-rush move immediately. 

In the run game, while he does a good job of positioning himself on blocks, he does not get much movement. Displacing the line of scrimmage is important in the NFL because of the athleticism of defenders today. 

A stalemate is like a loss for the offensive blocker. More power and weight should help him move men better. 

Coach’s Counsel

It will be a struggle for him to make this roster because of all the investment made in the guys already on it. However, his experience as a left tackle in college should give him a chance based on the lack of left tackle experience behind Andrew Thomas. 

In the end, that may not be enough to keep him on the active roster, but if he has a solid training camp, it could lead to a role on the practice squad.

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