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Oh No, We Like the New MTA Lamp



Oh No, We Like the New MTA Lamp

So adorable, unfortunately.
Photo: OnlyNY

We regret to inform you that we need this lamp. That little light is the new MTA Table Lamp from OnlyNY, Zizmorcore’s most prolific merchant. While the apparel company has a long history of launching products in partnership with the MTA, this particular one has us convinced it will transform our lives.

It features the M logo used by the MTA from its creation in 1968 until 1994, visible to this day at a handful of stations and soon, if you are as much of a sucker as I am, on your bedside table. Did I mention that it plugs in via a construction-site-orange cord (*enters credit-card information*)? If the lamp, which retails for $168, is as much of a runaway success as it should be, maybe it could make a small dent in the MTA’s budget woes now that congestion pricing has been killed — excuse me, “paused.” I can already see it replacing the stuffy ones on Kathy Hochul’s desk.

The upsettingly charming lamp goes on sale this Thursday at noon EST in limited quantities. It will probably sell out instantly, and we will only have ourselves to blame.

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