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NYPD chief heckled by pro-Palestine protesters in New York



As fresh pro-Palestine protests have overtaken New York and 21 other universities police crackdown on demonstrators has been met by strict police action. Now a new video captures a chaotic scene at New York University, where protesters confronted and insulted NYPD Assistant Chief James McCarthy and his officers. The incident unfolded on Monday night after police arrested a demonstrator at an anti-Israel rally.

Demonstrators face off with NYPD officials as they stand in solidarity with the ongoing protests in support of Palestinians happening on the Columbia University campus, during the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in New York City(REUTERS)

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In the video, protesters can be heard shouting, “F–k you! F–k you, pigs,” as they surround and berate the officers, demanding the release of the arrested woman. McCarthy is seen struggling to open glass doors while protesters circle him, effectively trapping the police.

Some officers are seen pushing protesters’ hands away as McCarthy manages to lead his team around the building to find another entrance. Throughout, the protesters chant, “Free! Free Palestine!” and label the officers as “F–king fascists.”

The arrested woman shouts at the officers, “All I did was throw a f–king bag!” as they try to gain entry into the NYU Catholic Center. Eventually, the officers find another entrance and hurry inside, pushing out a protester attempting to follow them.

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On the other side of the doors, protesters continue to shout insults and accuse the police of unlawful actions. They bang on the doors and yell, “Shame,” claiming the officers are “kidnapping” their fellow protester.

The incident took place as the NYPD was called to clear a campus encampment set up by over 100 protesters at NYU. The students had created a “tent city” in solidarity with a similar encampment at Columbia University, demanding their school divest from Israel-related holdings due to the conflict in Gaza.

During the clash with police, some protesters reportedly threw bottles at NYPD officers, and one demonstrator allegedly hit an officer in the head with a chair. The NYPD has not yet responded to requests for comment on the incident.

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