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‘Next level tantruming:’ Some 49ers fans react to Super Bowl loss by destroying TVs



Some 49ers fans took the last-minute defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs better than others.


The Kansas City Chiefs were able to two-peat Sunday night, winning their second consecutive Super Bowl in dramatic fashion with a game-sealing touchdown drive in overtime.

The team’s third championship since 2020, the victory was a rousing one for a fanbase than can now rightly consider their team to be a dynasty. But on the other end of that victory was a San Francisco 49ers fanbase left demoralized by a crushing, last-minute defeat after their team led much of the game.

Some 49ers fans took it better than others.

After the game, videos began surfacing of fans reacting, well, poorly after Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes found receiver Mecole Hardman in the endzone for the win. Destruction ensued, fights were broken up, guests at watch parties were left in a stunned silence.

Some televisions didn’t survive the night, instead becoming casualties to the raw pain of disappointed fans. Here’s a few videos shared on social media of some of them reacting to the loss by destroying their TVs.

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Televisions, projectors come into 49ers fans’ crosshairs

In one video re-posted by Barstool Sports on TikTok, a user recorded his “huge 49er fan roommate” reacting to the loss by throwing an object at what appears to be projector screen, breaking it and sending it crashing to the floor.

“Bro couldn’t handle the 49ers loss,” the caption reads.

In another video shared by user CBR_Basics viewed more than 192,000 times, a heartbroken fan in a Brock Purdy jersey lifts a coffee table and chucks it at a wall, where the game had been projected, before hitting the wall. Thankfully, there was no projection screen to break.

“Punching the wall is next level tantruming,” one user commented.

Another fan attacked his television set with a bottle of Jack Daniels, leaving it cracked and broken as others sat around in what appeared to be horrified silence.

In another video shared on social media site X, user Helzzy claims that “Bro lost $20,000 betting on the 49ers and smashed his TV.”

The video begins with a Chiefs fan celebrating the win before a 49ers fan flies into the frame, smashing the television before he had to be physically restrained by others from attacking the other man. As he’s dragged outside, a woman appears to attempt to “clean” the cracked television with paper towels.

(Viewer discretion: Language.)

“For those wondering, This is toxic masculinity,” one user commented.

Another 49ers fans dispensed with fists and projectiles altogether, instead opting to slam his television set into the ground before stomping on it. DraftKings shared that video on X, along with the caption: “Gonna need a new TV.”

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