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New York, Tokyo New Delhi, Boston! Which are cities with largest population and biggest area wise?



As of 2022, the world has over 8 billion people living in various cities, semi-urban areas and rural areas. It was also in 2023 that India surpassed China to become the most populous country in the world. While we all learnt that China was the most populated country in the world and Russia, the biggest geographically, the former has changed and the latter remains the same.
In a recently released report of the World Population Review, the cities with the most population in 2024 are the following: 1. Tokyo – Japan- 37.1 million people- It was called Edo in the older days.
2. New Delhi – India- 33.8 million people
3. Shanghai- China- 29.8 million people
4. Dhaka-Bangladesh- 23.9 million people
5. Sao Paulo- Brazil- 22.8 million people
6. Cairo-Egypt-22.6 million people
7. Mexico City-Mexico-22.5 million people
8. Beijing-China-22.1 million people
9. Mumbai-India-21.6 million people
10. Osaka-Japan- 18.9 million people. Comes as a surprise? Didn’t we imagine China and India being on the top? Actually, 2 cities from each country have made it to the top 10 list. However, urbanization is an ongoing process in these countries.

Cities with the biggest areas?

While different cities have different norms to determine their size and definition of urban areas, it is generally accepted that these top 10 cities are the largest, area wise:
1. New York-USA- Also called the Big Apple
2. Boston-US
3. Tokyo-Japan
4. Atlanta-US
5. Chicago-US
6. Los Angeles-US
7. Moscow-Russia
8. Washington-US
9. Philadelphia-US
10. Dallas-US

Cities are considered to be vehicles for upward mobility. This is the case in many low income and medium income countries including India.


Q1. Which is the most expensive city in the world?
According to the Cost of Living City Ranking 2023 conducted by Mercer, Hong Kong, Singapore and Zurich are the most expensive cities in the world.

Q2. Which is the most expensive city in India?
According to the Cost of Living City Ranking 2023 conducted by Mercer, Mumbai has been ranked as the most expensive city in India.

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