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New York Knicks Josh Hart Comes to Defense of Tom Thibodeau



A lot of the success during the 2023-24 NBA season for the New York Knicks can be attributed to Josh Hart and head coach Tom Thibodeau. While Jalen Brunson has received a lot of the headlines for his performance, and rightfully so as the leading man, he has received some help along the way.

Josh Hart quickly became a fan favorite after being acquired from the Portland Trail Blazers before the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline. A tenacious player who brings energy and effort every night, he is exactly what Knicks fans love to see on the court.

The prototypical Tom Thibodeau guy, Hart quickly found himself as an integral part of the rotation. That hasn’t changed this season, as he has filled several roles for a team that has been hit hard by injuries.

Hart has voiced his frustrations at times, but once he steps on the court, he does whatever it takes to help the team win. It is that attitude that Tom Thibodeau loves so much, but there have been some concerns about just how much he has been turning to Josh Hart.

During his coaching career, Tom Thibodeau has garnered a reputation as being someone to relies too heavily on his starters. His style isn’t for everyone, as he was voted as the coach players would least like to play for around the NBA.

But, his guys have come to his defense. Donte DiVincenzo commented on those votes previously, and now Hart is as well. During a press conference before Game 5 against the Indiana Pacers, he shared his thoughts on all the comments about the injuries being Tom Thibodeau’s fault.

“It’s idiotic to put that on him… people are gonna say things for clicks… if they’re not in this building or in this locker room, whatever they say, it doesn’t mean anything,” Hart said, via KnicksMuse on X.

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