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New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Receives Yet Another Brutal Attack



New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Receives Yet Another Brutal Attack

The media has never held back from ripping into New York Jets superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Throughout his entire career, he has been criticized very heavily in every way possible.

Just this offseason, a small story was blown into something wild when Rodgers chose to skip the team’s mandatory minicamp to attend an event in Egypt.

Even though the team was supportive of Rodgers, the media turned him into a villain. While it’s a non-issue for the Jets, it was the biggest story at the time for the media.

Now, Rodgers has been the recipient of yet another attack from an NFL analyst.

Mark Schlereth, a former player and current analyst, did not hold back when talking about Rodgers. He boldly stated that the future Hall of Famer is not an all-time great.

“Aaron Rogers (was) a four-time MVP – one Super Bowl. One. The dynasty that never was. We called the Green Bay Packers the dynasty that never was. If you invite the greatest quarterbacks of all time to dinner and it’s like Thanksgiving, and there’s one main table and then the kids’ table on the side – Aaron Rodgers is sitting at the kids’ table because he’s got one championship. You don’t get to sit with Joe Montana and Tom Brady and multiple Super Bowl winners at the ‘Big Boy Table.’ I’m sorry. Until you find, and I don’t know what the criteria would be, but until you find a better criteria for judging guys.”

That quote is a lot to take in. However, he’s basically saying that Rodgers doesn’t stack up against the great NFL quarterbacks because he only has won a single championship.

Throughout his NFL career, the numbers the 40-year-old signal caller prove that opinion wrong.

Rodgers has played in 231 games. He has completed 65.3 percent of his pass attempts for 59,055 yards, 475 touchdowns, and 105 interceptions. In addition to his passing numbers, he has picked up 3,466 yards and 35 touchdowns on the ground.

Just by the numbers alone, Rodgers is absolutely one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL.

Does anyone actually try to say that Rodgers deserves the “GOAT” title? No, they simply view him as one of the top-10 quarterbacks of all-time usually.

Schlereth is certainly entitled to his opinion, but to act like Rodgers hasn’t individually been one of the best quarterbacks of all-time is flat-out wrong and biased.

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Rodgers will look to shut critics like Schlereth up. He has always played his best with his back against the wall.

Expect to see him come out strong and playing with a fire due to all of these wild takes he has received during the offseason.

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