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New York Giants UDFA Scouting Report: DT Casey Rogers, Oregon



The New York Giants didn’t address their defensive line depth in the draft, either because they were confident in Jordon Riley and/or D.J. Davidson’s development or because there were only so many picks to be made and not enough of them to cover every need. 

Still, after the draft concluded, the Giants began adding undrafted free agents to compete for roster spots, and one such addition was Oregon defensive lineman Casey Rogers. 

The sixth-year senior played 770 snaps at defensive tackle for the Ducks over the past two seasons and lined up on special teams. Before transferring to Oregon, he played four seasons at Nebraska, where he grew into a consistent disruptor on the inside and an academic All-Big Ten honoree. 

He carried those traits to Oregon, where, over his final two seasons, he created 36 quarterback pressures. His senior year, he tallied 11 hurries. 

What’s to Love? 

Rogers has the prototypical 3-tech frame and plays like a guy better suited for that position. He is a good gap shooter, which allows him to succeed on slants and stunts where he initiates the movement exchange. 

He has a really good burst off the line of scrimmage, which he uses to get past an offensive lineman before they can latch on to him. 

He also has a high motor and enough short-area quickness and agility to make the tackle box uncomfortable for an offense to operate smoothly. He will chase after the quarterback or whomever the ball carrier is until the cavalry arrives. 

What Needs to Improve? 

As a pass rusher, Rogers is a disruptor but not a finisher. His pad level is too high to consistently win against sound pass-blocking technique. He does not seem to possess a go-to pass rush move that he can rely on consistently to win if he can not just burst past a blocker. 

Using his hands more destructively would increase his effectiveness. Ultimately, when he creates pressure, he is rarely the one to finish the play. 

In the run game, he lacks the technique and power to hold up against the power run blockers, and he can get washed away on double teams. Overall, he does not possess consistent block destruction techniques against pass blockers or run blockers. If he does not win initially off the line, he struggles.  

In this defense, he could play a role in obvious pass-rushing situations like second or third and long. In those situations, he does not have to worry about the duality of the position; he can just pin his ears back, shoot the gap, and hunt the quarterback. 

With an All-Pro on one side (Dexter Lawrence) and an explosive edge rusher on the other side (Brian Burns), he will probably not have to worry about double teams. That should allow him to do what he does best: shoot the gap, get on the shoulder of the offensive guard, turn him, and flush the quarterback into a sack. 

Football Gameplan’s Scouting Report (Emory Hunt)

Rogers is the 31st-rated DT in the 2024 FBGP Draft Guide. Notes Emory Hunt:  “If he’s able to get underneath the arm of the OL, he’s got some quickness to lean and pressure the gap. Average ball get off is the difference between occupying and pressuring the gap. He has to be much quicker off the ball moving forward.”

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