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New York Giants Tight End Darren Waller Announces Retirement



Rumors have been swirling all offseason about the future of New York Giants tight end Darren Waller. Reports were that he was seriously contemplating retirement after only one season with the franchise and those reports have been proven true.

Over the weekend, Darren Waller made the official announcement that he would be retiring from the NFL. In a video that was shared on YouTube, he detailed a scary health situation that occurred last season which led to him considering retirement.

“I come out of that experience and I’m sitting in the hospital, and I go back into my daily life and I’m like, ‘Pretty clear, I almost just lost my life, and I don’t know if I really feel if I would have died that I would have felt great about how my life was going if I died at that time.’”

As shared by ESPN, the health scare involved Darren Waller being in a hospital for more than three days. He was struggling to breathe, unable to stand up without assistance, use the restroom or eat on his own.

The NFL career of Waller has been a tumultuous one at times. He battled addiction early in his career, as his path to sobriety involved an overdose in 2017. That helped turn his life around and he has been using his platform ever since to help others dealing with similar battles.

“Eternally grateful for the game of football. I wouldn’t be able to have this conversation or to think things through or be self-reflective if it wasn’t for an opportunity to save my life and go to rehab, which the NFL offered me,” he said. “They also gave me an opportunity to reestablish myself, to come back into the world and do something productive. Provide an example, be a leader, be a difference-maker in my craft but also in my day-to-day wherever I go.”

Contemplating his future this offseason, Waller has not been with the New York Giants. He skipped voluntary workouts, passing up on a potential $200,000 workout bonus. His base salary for the season was set to be $10.525 million as well.

With Darren Waller set to be a post-June 1st cut, the New York Giants will open up much-needed cap space by saving $11.9 million. With mandatory minicamp beginning on Tuesday, a decision from the star tight end was expected before then.

He will finish his NFL career with two Pro Bowl appearances, as he was one of the most productive tight ends in the NFL for a two-year stretch with the Las Vegas Raiders. Hamstring issues hampered him the last few seasons, including in 2023 with the New York Giants when he played in 12 games.

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