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New York Giants Fans Have BRUTAL Reaction to 100th Season Commemorative Uniforms



The New York Giants have a special football season coming up. Why is it so special before playing a snap of regular season football? Because the 2024 NFL season will be the 100th season in the franchise’s long history.

There have already been multiple announcements surrounding the Giants to commemorate their 100th season. This includes giveaways celebrating past championships along with a special appearance on HBO’s Hard Knocks series for the first time in franchise history. Now, the team has announced that the Giants will have commemorative uniforms to go along with it.

New York Giants Reveal “Century Red” Uniforms

Earlier this morning, the New York Giants revealed their “century red” uniforms. These uniforms are a commemoration of the franchise’s origins which date back to 1925. It was also announced that these uniforms would be worn up to two times during the 2024 NFL season.

So, what do these uniforms look like? Truthfully, it is a mix of old and new.

The primary color is red to match the “century red” name. Even the helmet has a good touch of red with this uniform. Along with this, there is one big blue stripe in their high socks along with the middle of the jersey. The color white surrounds this stripe. Plus, the Giants will wear brown pants with these jerseys.

When Will the Giants Wear These Jerseys?

Now that we know the full 2024 New York Giants schedule, we can start to get of an idea of when the Giants may wear these jerseys. As mentioned above, the Giants will have special giveaways during three home games this upcoming season to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

While there are no confirmed dates for these jerseys, Week 1 may be a safe bet. The Giants have a home game against the Minnesota Vikings to open the season and it would officially kickoff the 100th season.

Then, we may want to consider Week 4 for a second appearance. That is because it is a Thursday Night Football home game against the Dallas Cowboys. It tends to be a time when teams like to wear alternative uniforms and it would be against a division rival.

Fans Brutally React to Century Red Uniform Announcement

So, what did Giants fans think of these uniforms? Here are some of the most notable comments:

“Congrats on the worst alternate in NFL history.”

“CTESPN tried to warn us.”


“Throw them away.”


“They stopped wearing these for a reason.”

“No thanks. These are not it.”

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