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New York commuter repeatedly stabbed in unprovoked attack



A New York City commuter was stabbed multiple times in an unprovoked attack at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on Monday morning, according to police.

The victim was reportedly reading a book at a Greyhound waiting area at the commuter hub around 5.40am when an individual approached and stabbed them eight times in the neck and once in the arm, the New York Post reports.

The injured commuter, who is from Boonton, New Jersey, was taken to Bellevue Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

The suspect, Michael McCloskey, 42, of California, was arrested at the scene. Mr McCloskey is facing charges of attempted murder, assault, and the possession of a weapon, Fox5 reports.

In February, a bus driver in Manhattan had to defend himself and disarm a knife-wielding individual during one of his routes.

Rashon Eagle, 45, allegedly attacked a 58-year-old bus driver on 10 February, Spectrum NY 1 reported.

A witness to the attack, Anthony Osamor, who runs a ticket kiosk for Statue of Liberty tours, said he saw the driver telling the suspect to get off his bus. The suspect was reportedly yelling at the driver for not going fast enough and was demanding that he be allowed to drive the bus.

A commuter was stabbed nine times while waiting for a bus at the New York City Port Authority Bus Terminal (Getty Images)

The suspect reportedly stepped off the bus, then jumped back on to punch and attempt to stab the driver.

“I feel so bad for him, because his eyeball was red — full of blood,” Mr Osamor said. “Because he brought out a knife — I think a pen knife.”

The driver managed to avoid being stabbed, but his left eye was scratched during the struggle with the suspect, according to the New York District Attorney’s Office.

Mr Eagle was indicted on second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapons charge.

“Every day, MTA workers ensure that our public transportation operates smoothly, helping millions of New Yorkers arrive safely to their destinations,” District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement. “MTA workers and passengers should not have to fear for their safety when on our buses and subways, and those who jeopardize their safety will be held accountable.”

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