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Nets GM Sean Marks Gives More Clarity on the Mikal Bridges Trade



Nets GM Sean Marks Gives More Clarity on the Mikal Bridges Trade

While the Mikal Bridges blockbuster trade is still fresh, which is certainly one of the most intriguing moves of this summer’s offseason, Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks publicly addressed the situation for the first time this week.

Marks was the first to tell the news to the former Nets forward, as Bridges didn’t know about it until Marks called him.

“I think it’s been reported that Mikal wanted to leave or requested a trade, that could not be further from the truth. I think that’s just not in Mikal’s character, it’s not who he is and that definitely did not happen. He was told by me when I called him up and let him know that we’re at the two-yard line,” the Nets GM explained.

Marks went a bit further to reveal that the Nets would have not been tempted to fall through on the trade if it didn’t involve getting back their draft picks from the Houston Rockets. The Knicks-Nets trade helped with doing just that.

“I think when you look at doing the deal we did with the Knicks, that was really only possible by controlling our own destiny a little bit more where we get our picks back from Houston,” said Marks. He continued on by saying the offer from New York was “the best deal” that the Nets were offered. In fact, he believes it was the best direction to go down. “There’s no shortage of people who want to play with Mikal,” said Marks. “He’s a heck of a talent out there. And we’ll miss him.”  

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