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Monster gator lurking in golf-course pond bites off fisherman’s hand



A Florida fisherman had his hand chewed off by a monster alligator that lunged at him from a golf-course pond over the weekend, wildlife officials said.

The victim was reeling in a fish in the pond in Leesburg on Sunday afternoon when the 9-foot, 3-inch gator pounced as golfers and other locals looked on in horror, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

“While the guy was on the ground … the gator got the guy in the hand, and the two rolled,” shaken witness Ron Priest told Fox 35.

A huge male alligator measuring more than 9 feet long attacked a fisherman in a Leesburg, Fla., pond over the weekend. FOX 35
The fisherman ended up losing his hand to the gator late Sunday afternoon. FOX 35 via Ron Priest

The reptile chewed off the angler’s hand, then ditched the badly bleeding man and his catch and retreated back into the water.

At least two people who saw the animal attack or its grisly aftermath called 911 for help.

The reptile struck while the angler was reeling in this fish. FOX 35
After the attack, the gator retreated back into the water but was eventually caught. FOX 35

One of the callers told a dispatcher that the fisherman had been walking around with blood on his hands, “moaning and groaning constantly.”

“There is a gator attacking a man in my backyard!” a caller shouted into the phone, according to the outlet.

“Some people now have stopped in their golf carts!”

When another caller phoned in, the dispatcher said, “Is this regarding a gator attack?” 

The witness replied, “Yes, he took his hand off.” 

The emergency operator responded, “Oh no, OK.” 

The panicked caller added, “Hand is gone!”

The fisherman was picked up by a helicopter and flown to a hospital in Orlando. FOX 35 via Sandy Williams

A medical helicopter arrived minutes later and airlifted that injured fisherman to a hospital in Orlando. There was no immediate word on his condition.

The male alligator was trapped and removed from the pond, the Conservation Commission said.  

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