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March’s Aries New Moon Will Light a Fire in You



Aries season is starting off on a high note as a new moon in the brave and bold sign arrives the day after the spring equinox.

March 20 marks the official start of the bountiful season with la luna sitting in the first sign of the zodiac on March 21, 1:34 a.m. EST. While we still may be defrosting from this chaotic third winter, an Aries new moon ushers in a wave of fiery energy, jumpstarting our spring awakening.

Symbolized by the ram, Aries are passionate, headstrong individuals who are courageous, natural-born leaders. Refusing to let insecurities and doubt creep in, the fearless sign is known for putting themselves out there as high risk, high reward is their battle cry. Ruled by the planet Mars, the self-motivated sign is a warrior, fighting for what they want, unafraid to ruffle a few feathers to get what they want. Coinciding with the start of spring, Aries represent fertility and new beginnings, their instinctual decision making often acting as the catalyst to major events or epiphanies.

Next week will be an incredibly abundant time, so it would be wise to set intentions and manifest some main character energy. Continue scrolling to read your zodiac sign’s horoscope for the Aries new moon.

Falling in your first house, March 21 is your time to shine. Honor your bright spirit and use this cosmically charged time to set goals geared towards becoming your best, highest self. You’re entering a season of self-mastery and discovery, leveling up through hard work and focus. With Mars in Gemini, don’t shy away from voicing your true desires and needs to achieve your goals.

Situated in your twelfth house of subconscious, the new moon in Aries asks you to dive deep and engage in some spiritual shadow work. As an earth sign, you tend to be a bit more level-headed, but channel the ram’s fervent energy and reflect on any emotions you’ve been suppressing to keep the peace. It’s time to put yourself first.

The new moon is in your eleventh house of networking and community, pulling your attention towards how your closest bonds are impacting you. Being the nuanced and complex air sign that you are, it’s natural for you to oscillate between being a social butterfly and a recluse. With Aries’ ruling planet Mars in your sign, you’re feeling more revved up than usual. Embody the sign’s independent energy and take pleasure in creating a social circle that best suits you.

It’s feeling like “me season” for you as you’re sitting firmly in your era of unapologetic bad b–h behavior  as you have been bolstering your confidence and sense of self. The new moon is in your tenth house of career and reputation, giving you the perfect opportunity to put your newfound tenacity to good use. Carve some time out and let yourself daydream about what you would like your professional life to look like and the mark you want to leave on the world.

As a fellow fire sign, you can sense the future has something beautiful in store, adding to your already restless energy. With the Aries new moon taking up space in your ninth house of adventure and travel, you’re venturing into uncharted territory, but well-equipped with the knowledge and wisdom you need to navigate the unfamiliar terrain. Step away from your daily routine and go on a day trip somewhere new or even visit that coffee shop you’ve been meaning to in order to shift your perspective.

Resting in your eighth house of intimacy and legacy, the Aries new moon is pushing you to think about how you’re investing into yourself and others. As a perfectionist and goal-driven sign, you tend to compartmentalize, leading with your head over your heart, sometimes to your own detriment. Take a cue from the energetic and optimistic Aries, imagining how you can better show up in relationships, while still filling your own cup.

The moon is in your seventh house of partnerships, delivering a fresh point of view. Portrayed by the scales, you often assume the role of mediator, which can come at a cost to your own well-being. Don’t be afraid to do some spring cleaning within your inner circle, considering how you can cultivate truly authentic bonds that reciprocate the loving energy you give out.

Your attention is being turned towards your health and well-being as the new moon is shining a light in your sixth house. While you may be heads down in a big project or pushing yourself to achieve a personal goal, plan a self-care night on Tuesday evening to recharge your batteries and strategize how to incorporate a realistic work-life balance. As an emotional water sign, you feel things very intensely and can get burnt out, but the Aries new moon reminds you that self-care is not selfish.

Lighting a fire in your fifth house of love and creativity, the Aries new moon is sparking a bit of romance for you. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, figuring things out or dating yourself, reflecting on past affairs and the kind of partner you want (and want to be) will be a worthwhile new moon ritual. Being intentional with the people you hold near and dear will set you up for success as setting boundaries is the biggest display of confidence.

Home is where the heart is and that is certainly your new moon motto as it’s in your fourth house of domesticity. As an incredibly ambitious and driven sign, it’s not often that you slow down enough to take stock of your inner home, but the Aries new moon is offering you a fresh start to do just that. Sweep out the cobwebs from your mind and turn your attention towards your emotional foundation.

Sitting in your third house of communication, the new moon is striking a match in your consciousness, encouraging you to think differently about how you speak to yourself and others. Air feeds fire and the Aries-aligned cosmos are inviting you to use your forward-thinking and progressive approach to reimagine how you present yourself to the world, whether it’s through irl conversations or your social media footprint. Pluto is making its way to your sign on March 24 and considering it’s the planet of transformation and rebirth, it might be time to reinvent yourself.

The Aries new moon is making it rain in your second house of income, asking you to rewrite your personal narrative around finances. We’ve all been taught that it’s rare to love what you do, but as we come out of Pisces season, an emotional and introspective time, and walk into the ram’s daring and gutsy aura, taking the leap to marry your passions with your profession could be the game-changer.

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