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Luggage Sanitization System Debuts At JFK Airport in New York City



Luggage Sanitization System Debuts At JFK Airport in New York City

your baggage might be cleaner than you are. A
new luggage sanitization system has made its debut at John F. Kennedy
International Airport in New York City.

The luggage sanitization system
will be located in Terminal 7 and is the first of its kind in commercial aviation.

The technology is
said to eliminate 99.9 percent of luggage pathogens. Clean, a company
that specializes in cleaning sanitization, and JFK Millennium Partners (JMP), the
company that manages JFK Terminal 7, have partnered on the deal.

Depending on the
size of the airplane and the number of passengers, some aircraft can carry more
than 200 pieces of baggage per flight. That can add up to
a lot of dirt.

arriving this summer at JFK can be a part of the trial for $10 for two bags. Terminal
7 handles about 2,000 flights per month.

“We are honored to
partner with JFK’s Terminal 7 to bring Clean’s innovative sanitization
technology to one of the world’s busiest and most iconic airports,” said Rodney
Jones, CEO of Clean. “As passengers return en masse to traveling the globe
freely, it’s crucial that we implement safe, effective solutions to maintain
passenger confidence and ensure a healthier travel experience for all.”

will allow passengers to sanitize their baggage after every flight. Simply
gather your luggage from the baggage claim carousel, drop your bags at the
Clean machine, and within seconds, your bag will be sanitized – because what
you bring home with you matters,” Jones continued.

Other travel-related companies, including hotels, have
been focused
on sanitizing products.

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