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Listen to Beyoncé’s two new songs, ’16 Carriages’ and ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’




Beyoncé has broken the internet once again, announcing “Act II” of her “Renaissance” project along with two new songs.

Queen Bey surprised fans during a Super Bowl commercial that ended with the superstar saying, “They ready, drop the new music.” Shortly after, she took to Instagram to announce March 29 as the release date for her upcoming new album. Beyoncé also dropped two new singles, titled “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em,” which are available now on Spotify, YouTube and other streaming services.

Fans were quick to predict the “Cuff It” singer would release a new country album after she wore a cowboy hat to the Grammy Awards earlier this month.

And the new project seems to fall along those lines, as both tunes appear to be inspired by country music.

Listen to Beyoncé’s ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’

“Texas Hold ‘Em” has an upbeat tempo while “16 Carriages” is a power ballad, and she wears a cowboy hat in the artwork for both singles.

Beyoncé is famously from Houston, Texas.

The first song has a western feel. In the bridge she sings: “And I’ll be damned if I cannot dance with you. Come pour some liquor on me honey, too. It’s a real-life boogie, and a real life hoedown. Don’t be a b***h, come take it to the floor now.”

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Listen to Beyoncé’s ’16 Carriages’

The second new track, “16 Carriages,” has a slower beat and soulful feel. In the song, Beyoncé earnestly pays homage to hard work and her own legacy.

She sings: “Sixteen dollars, working all day. Ain’t got time to waste, I got art to make. I got love to create on this holy night. They won’t dim my light, all these years I fight.”

Beyoncé is set to release “Act II” March 29.

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