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Large fire sweeps through multiple stores in this Miami shopping area | USA Diario | NewsBreak Original



Large fire sweeps through multiple stores in this Miami shopping areaPhoto byUSA Diario

Once again, the Tropicana pulguero in Miami, Florida, has witnessed a fire of major proportions. Dozens of businesses were completely incinerated after what happened on Monday afternoon. This is the second fire of its kind in less than a year. In July 2022, it left one person injured and many stores burned to the ground.

The well-known market in populous Miami is located at 36th Street and 30th Avenue, just northwest of the city. As soon as the fire was alerted, several firefighting units were on the scene to extinguish it. Traffic was closed in the vicinity of the pulguero for several hours to extinguish the fire.

Fortunately, the fire did not leave any injuries or human losses despite the fact that it was very intense, although brief. What was mainly affected were the stores that were consumed during the incidence of the fire. The economic losses are high for each merchant involved.

The causes are being investigated

A few hours after the fire occurred in the Miami pulguero, the causes of the fire are being investigated. The merchants themselves still cannot explain how the fire started. “There is no water or electricity there. Now there are big losses. I lost everything I had,” said Rafael Pérez Martínez, who saw his three stores burn.

Another of the main people affected by the fire, Salvador Sanchez referred to his losses. “The amount of money lost is incalculable, between $30 and $40 thousand in an inexplicable way. I feel very dismayed. There were my dreams.

A similar event happened last February, precisely in Miami-Dade. At that time, a large fire left two people injured and caused considerable material damage, especially to nearby homes.

The building also housed several businesses, all of which were affected by the fire. Among them were open to the public: a used furniture store, a tobacco shop and a restaurant.

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