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Knicks Trade Rumors: James Dolan To ‘Overpay’ For $90 Million Bound Brooklyn Nets Star, per Bill Simmons



As the New York Knicks’ dreams came to a sudden halt last night, it seems like the Knicks trade rumors have picked up speed. With two key players out for the season early on and an ongoing list of injured players, NYC was severely undermanned by the time they met the Pacers for Game 7.

Now that the franchise can focus its energy and attention on preparing for the upcoming season, Bill Simmons has come up with a big prediction. In his latest episode, The Bill Simmons Podcast, the American sportswriter believes the Knicks will be locking their eyes on Mikal Bridges.

“They have a lot of options,” he said. “I think they are gonna get Mikal Bridges as the big target; I think that’s who they want. I think they are going to try to overpay. I don’t think they want someone like a major star. That’s my big prediction.”


(This story is still developing)

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