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Knicks News: Julius Randle Breaks Silence on Excruciating Recovery After Missing Historic Playoff Run



The loss of Julius Randle was perhaps the worst thing that could have happened to the New York Knicks. The 29-year-old forward had missed two months of the 2023-24 season, courtesy of a dislocated shoulder. When it looked like he would be able to take the floor, Randle was once again tossed back into the injury list.

A surgery was inevitable. With that prognosis, all hopes of a playoff run ended. He’s been resting and slowly getting back to health as the Knicks surely aim for a deeper postseason run next season. Meanwhile, the NYC fans get a glimpse into how well Randle is doing through an unexpected source.

Joining NBA Unplugged Kevin Hart, the 3x All-Star gave us a very positive report on his health and healing. “I spent 2.5 months rehabbing before, so when I came out of shoulder surgery I was recovering pretty fast; all my muscles around my shoulder are strong. So I’ve been healing up great. Been taking my time. Not in a rush. But I like where I’m at for sure.”

(This story is still developing)

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